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Flax, KiwiFibre, Harakeke



It's one of Aotearoa’s most abundant natural plants, and is an important part of Maori heritage, and a key part of our history. It proved to be a strong and versatile material for plaiting and weaving cloaks, clothes, mats, kete and tools.

Harakeke fibre compares very well to other fibres typically used in the natural composites industry, and even to a number of synthetic materials. The application potential is endless...

Harakeke is also so much more than just fibre, but also produces gel, oil and seed for various industries.


Very. Harakeke has been used in rope form for centuries. Whether this be guiding Waka around the Pacific, or being exported to Europe, the natural strength of harakeke is tried and tested. It is the perfect fibre for natural fibre composite materials.


Our material is made from South Island harakeke flax. Harakeke has not been used commercially for over 30 years, so we've rebuilt the supply chain. As we've built this from scratch, we've been able to do so in a sustainable way that acknowledges the tikanga around harakeke. 

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