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Founding Growers

Our supply chain doesn't just produce renewable composite materials. As the plants grow along waterways and on unproductive farmland, they contribute to farm biodiversity, filter contaminants from the soil and protect waterways from pollution. Oh yeah, then it becomes KiwiFibre.

Meet some of our founding growers:

Lighter weight, higher performance

Hayden Paddon and his Hyundai EV Kona debuted the first ever car featuring body panels made out of harakeke fibre. The car was unveiled at the 2024 Fieldays event in Mystery Creek. 

Paddon's innovative EV rally car prototype is the first major motor vehicle in the world to incorporate harakeke composites developed by New Zealand high performance composite specialists KiwiFibre. 

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Reinforced by Nature


"This is a step towards implementing more sustainable and high performance materials into racing competition vehicles." 

Ben Scales, KiwiFibre CEO

About Rally Racing

Rally racing is a thrilling motorsport that tests the limits of both drivers and vehicles across a variety of challenging terrains. Unlike traditional circuit racing, rally events take place on public or private roads, often in remote and rugged locations, ranging from snow-covered forests to desert landscapes.


Competitors race against the clock, navigating through timed stages with the help of a co-driver who provides crucial pace notes. This unique format demands exceptional driving skill, precise teamwork, and robust vehicle engineering.

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