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Founding Growers

Our supply chain doesn't just produce renewable composite materials. As the plants grow along waterways and on unproductive farmland, they contribute to farm biodiversity, filter contaminants from the soil and protect waterways from pollution. Oh yeah, then it becomes KiwiFibre.

Meet some of our founding growers:


Reducing Vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride.

SplitN2 is always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable partnerships that push the boundaries of what's possible. The most recent partnership between SplitN2 and KiwiFibre is a perfect example of taking advantage of KiwiFibre's high performance composite materials.

03.10.23 KiwiFibre Mt Hutt FINAL 22.jpg

Reinforced by Nature


"KiwiFibre is stoked to partner with an industry legend who is respected amongst the community."

Ben Scales, KiwiFibre CEO

More than meets the eye


SplitN2 boasts its own innovation lab located in Christchurch. This unique setup serves as a creative hub where SplitN2 ideates all of its products and prototypes.  With the local snowfields only being located 1-2 hours away from the hub, it serves as the perfect location to test new iterations.

KiwiFibre is happy to count SplitN2 among its great customers in the field of snow-sports, making sure that we can all get out there, have fun and enjoy a better experience on the mountain.  


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