Discover the benefits of natural-fibre composite materials... 

We provide high performance natural fibre composite material solutions, helping companies build better products and achieve sustainability goals.


Oil is a finite resource, and extracting it is literally tearing the world apart. It's just not sustainable. However, almost all materials are derived from it. They don't have to be.

Natural-fibre reinforced composite materials.

Also known as NFRC, these are the future of materials. It is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. NFRC are very high strength to weight, have excellent tensile strength, outstanding energy absorption properties, and are most importantly, renewable. 

Aotearoa has some of the world's best fibres. KiwiFibre is bringing them to the world, and solving the world's problems at the same time.


These are all of the resources a harakeke plant can produce. This is 4 revenue streams for growers, and 4 more reasons for planting harakeke. Harakeke is also one of the only plants which is not completely removed from the earth during harvest. Instead, just the outer, grandfather (koroua) leaves are harvested, which allows the plant to grow back even stronger and healthier. 

What we do

We work with companies to implement sustainable, high performance materials into products, helping companies build circular economies and work towards corporate sustainability goals.

Flax, KiwiFibre, Harakeke
Flax, Harakeke, KiwiFibre, Fibre, NFRC

Using natural fibres to change the world...

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A special thanks to the organisations, companies and individuals who have worked with us to bring our vision of a revived harakeke industry to reality.